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Winnipeg Minor Volleyball Association (WMVA):

is a grass-roots volleyball organization dedicated to providing area coaches with the infrastructure to launch, promote and administer volleyball programs in the Winnipeg area.

These programs now include:


- MINI Volleyball Camps                                - YOUTH Leagues 
- BOYS Programs                                                - YOUTH Camps 
VISION Club Volleyball                               - YOUTH Beach League
- VISION Beach Volleyball Club

ADULT Indoor Leagues
- ADULT Co-ed Beach Leagues

Updates & News

Girls volleyball with the WMVA
Boys volleyball with the WMVA

Mini Volleyball

Youth Volleyball

Adult Volleyball

Congratulations to all the Winners of Spring Volleyfest 2017!!!

  • Pound Town - Tier 1 Champions
  • We Seem Thirsty - Tier 2 Champions
  • Volley llamas - Tier 3 Champions
  • The Other Team - Tier 5 Champions
  • Elites - Tier 1 Champions
  • Blazers - Tier 2 Champions
  • Titans Red - Tier 3 Champions
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