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Health Benefits to Playing Volleyball?

Why Exercise Plans Don’t Work

Every year, many people decide to make a lifestyle change towards healthy living.  A large part of that plan usually involves losing weight and getting in shape. A noble endeavour, and vital if you plan to be around until a grand old age. Unfortunately, less than half diet and exercise resolutions survive the first six weeks and more that 75% will fail within the year.  Why?  Many people say that it is difficult to follow a diet and exercise regime and even harder to get back on track once they have fallen off.  So, should you simply give up?


Join a Volleyball League

Fortunately, there is a solution.  Have you considered joining an adult volleyball league?  Think about when you were a kid. You never considered playing team sports such as volleyball as work. It was a chance to get together and have fun with your friends. You could have the same feeling now.  Team sports provide a sense of comradery, competition and fun while, at the same time giving you the healthy exercise you need.


The Benefits of Volleyball

The benefits of team sports include: Engaging your brain; playing a team sport is more than a physical workout, like running around a track or on a treadmill, or pumping weights, it involves paying attention to your surroundings and coordinating with others.  Your mind has to stay involved, it can’t just disengage liker you would in a regular workout.  Motivation; you aren’t in this alone, your teammates expect you to show up for every practice and game and to do your part.  It is in their best interest to keep you involved.  Physical exercise; unlike a regular workout, where you spend your whole time counting laps or reps, you get involved in the game and give yourself a complete workout without even realizing that you are doing it.  You may even have fun.  Add to that all the new friends you will make, your teammates who look forward to seeing you show up regularly and share in your fun, and you have a winning combination.


Winnipeg Minor Volleyball Association

Winnipeg Minor Volleyball Association’s Adult League offers Fall, Winter and Spring sessions that should fit right into your health and fitness plan. On top of that, the cost is less than a gym membership that you likely wouldn’t make good use of.  Join up now and make this year’s plan to live healthier a huge success.

Brian Campbell

Winnipeg Minor Volleyball Association WMVA

Phone: 204-269-7777